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4 Reasons to Install a Septic Tank for Your Tiny House

Septic Tank System
If you have decided that tiny house living is right for you, you could be excited about building a tiny home of your own. However, you might not have really worked out all of the logistics just yet. For example, you could be unsure about how you are going to deal with the waste from your toilet, shower and sinks.

You do have a few options for this, depending on what you are planning on doing with your tiny house. If you are planning on setting it up in a stationary location, you might find that investing in a septic tank is a good idea. These are a few reasons why.

1. Enjoy House-Like Plumbing Fixtures

First of all, even though you might like the idea of living in a tiny house, you probably want for it to feel like a home. If you choose an option like a composting toilet or an alternative type of sink, you might not get the real home feel that you are hoping for.

If you choose to install a septic tank, however, you can install house-like plumbing fixtures and use them the way that they are intended. Even though you might have to choose fixtures that are on the smaller end, this can help you feel as if you are living in a real house rather than an RV or cabin, even if your home is a little smaller than most people's.

2. Ensure You're Compliant with Local Regulations

Many jurisdictions have strict regulations in place about how wastewater should be handled. After all, if waste isn't handled properly, it could contaminate the groundwater and cause other problems. This can lead to people getting sick, water being unsafe for people to drink and more.

If you are not careful about how your wastewater is handled, you could find that you and your family are not compliant with your local regulations for sewage handling. This can result in various things, depending on where you live. You could be fined a significant amount of money, or your tiny house might be condemned. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these things by installing a septic tank.

3. Make Your Life Easier

Right now, you might not mind the idea of dealing with your waste in an alternative way, such as by using a composting toilet or dumping your wastewater at an RV dump station. After a while, though, you might find that these things become a bit of a hassle.

You probably want to enjoy tiny house living, not see it as a hassle. By having a septic tank installed, you can avoid these extra responsibilities so that you can settle in and enjoy your small home.

4. Ensure Waste is Handled in a Sanitary Manner

Just because you are planning on moving into a tiny house does not mean that you want to sacrifice sanitation and cleanliness. Without a professionally installed septic tank, you have to worry about coming in contact with waste, which is probably something you want to avoid at all costs. After all, this can be a messy job, and you probably don't want for you or your family members to get sick.

By having a septic tank installed by a professional, however, you can help ensure your waste is handled in a sanitary manner. This can be much better for your family's health and happiness.

As you can see, installing a septic tank for your tiny house can be a good decision. Contact us at Stinky's Septic and Carolina Septic today so that we can help with your septic tank installation needs.